Smith Mountain Lake

When you visit Smith Mountain Lake, one thing you can count on is having plenty of people, places and excitement to hold your interest. The area is loaded with things to see. Regardless of what you are looking for and what you call fun, you will certainly find it here at Smith Mountain Lake. The woods and pathways are perfect for hiking and animal watching, while the crystal blue waters are ideal for watersports and fishing. If you simply want to take it easy and enjoy the natural beauty, you would be hard pressed to find something nicer than the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Smith Mountain Lake is probably a whole lot more convenient to you than you might realize.

Smith Mountain lLake PictureCentrally located in the state of Virginia right along the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountain area, Smith Mountain Lake can be reached in about the same time from Lynchburg or Roanoke. Raleigh is two hours to our south and D.C. is only about twice that. Our beautiful lake and mountain area is the perfect place to live or vacation.

There are 500 miles of beautiful shoreline, and we get visitors from all over the world to take advantage of it. From water sports and fishing to some of the best wildlife in the United States, our lake provides you with the best of the east coast and North America at large. The people of Smith Mountain Lake also are a huge reason why people keep coming back. You are welcomed into the community the moment you arrive and become a part of our burgeoning family.

The shopping at Smith Mountain Lake is incredible as well. The various shops cover everything from local art to the nicest fashions, and the dining is also world class. If you want catfish, caviar or even some freshly cooked pancakes, Smith Mountain Lake has you covered. We do fancy and we do classic southern living. Not many areas can boast that type of excitement in one spot.

If you only come to visit Smith Mountain Lake for one reason, it needs to be to see the scenery. The sunset alone is enough to leave a life-long impression in your mind. The fall season is also incredible with the colorful palette of leaves and greenery that spring to life. If you live for nature, then Smith Mountain Lake is simply a place you have to visit.

A common theme that we see among visitors to Smith Mountain Lake is that they want to stay. What was once a tiny community is now a melting pot of vacationers from all over the world. It is the perfect place to live or vacation.

Come find out why and enjoy yourself like you never have before!



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