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Smith Mountain Lake Fishing

fishing report Come venture and explore the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake and see why its the best striper fishing impoundment in the state of Virginia. With over 500 miles of shoreline and 20,000 plus acres of striper infested waters just waiting to test you and your tackle to the eXtreme limits! Smith Mountain Lake is the second-largest body of fresh water in the state and countless number of citation stripers are checked in every year. Smith is a former state record holder of the striped bass (49 lbs..4 oz).

Smith Mountain Lake Fishing Guides

Many Fishing Guide Services offers a 365 days per year, 24/7 striper charter service. Hot, cold, raining, snowing or windy….( if you can dish it, they can fish it ). Just bring yourself, your favorite beverages ( bottles only ) and dress appropriately. Don’t forget your VA. fishing license and rain gear. If you have some rods and reels you want to bring, please do so. Fishing Guide Services apply the combination of artificial baits and light line casting to make every hook up the ultimate fight that will leave your hands sweaty and a memory that will last forever.

Smith Mountain Lake Bass Fishing

You ask….. why artificial baits….. take this into consideration, both world record largemouth and smallmouth bass were caught on artificial baits, not live bait. Everybody always talks about how live bait is the best way to catch big fish and this is true to a extent but what do you do when the fish are not feeding? You need a bait that will produce a reflex response. We call this a reaction bite (making a fish bite whether its hungry or not) and a artificial bait is very effective for this purpose. As tournament bass anglers have known this and use this response to our advantage to catch bass that are in a neutral mood (not feeding) and it works for all species of fish. So if you can get a feeding response and a reaction bite from a artificial bait, why use anything else?

Many Day and night Fishing charters are available with hours at your convenience. Whether you prefer striper or bass fishing, we can custom fit your needs. Rods, reels and artificial baits are furnished. Pictures of the days catch and fish cleaning are available upon request. If you or someone in your party boats a big fish, you just might get your picture posted their web site.

All Charter boat Captain’s have a time of the year when their techniques excel better at certain times and prime time fishing for Terry’s Guide Service is definitely Fall, Winter and Spring. Most people think summer time……well you know its good for a tan but if you want some serious action, put away your tanning lotion and grab your long-johns because you are missing the best fishing of the year! You ask anybody that has some time under there belt to when the best times are to catch lunker and numbers of fish are and they will tell you spring, fall and winter. Just take a look at the weights, these are the largest fish that I have boated during those times…. 8 lb largemouth, 5 lb smallmouth, 9 lb walleye and a 30 lb striper……need I say more?

Smith Mountain Lake is known for its night fishing and many of the Guide Services here excel in night time angling. Night time hours will produce more quantity and better quality fish than any other time. With many years of fishing on Smith Mountain Lake fishing Guide Services here will exceed your highest expectations.

Smith Mountain Lake Fishing Report:

The Fishing Conditions at Smith Mountain Lake are good. Close to the surface of the lake there’s heavy forage. Between the small frys, crawfish, alewives and cicadas it’s a beautiful buffet for hungry fish! If you’re taking small children to fish its a great time to do so due to the many Sunfish that are out. They can be found close to the shoreline and due to their feistiness and size can be fun for kids to catch. Fishermen have been reporting that Bluegills are smashing everything and anything the looks like a worm or an insect.

Striper fishing now seems to be a hit or miss depending on the bait used. People that are pulling them in have been using live baits like large shiners and alewives. This week some were reporting breaking stripers, but they dont seen to have been as frequent as past years which will hopefully pick up. Hopefully that will soon change. Carp has been spotted the surface of the lake and sometimes they have been mistaken for bass or stripers.

Bass fishing , for the most part has been good. Quite a few Largemouth Bass have been spotted near the shoreline post spawn and can also be found in the shade around near stump fields, on the deeper side of major creeks. Many have reported catching lots of Smallmouth bass at the lower lake (near the rock points) at Smith Mountain and Bull Run. The bass at night seem to be heading closer to the shore to feed on the alewives

Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass both have been reported hitting jigs, Alabama rigs, tubes, Texas rigged plastic worms, spinner baits and crankbaits. The largest bass are being caught on plastic swimbaits.