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Smith Mountain Lake Hotels - Smith Mountain Lake

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Smith Mountain Lake Hotels

When visiting Smith Mountain Lake, sometimes you simply want to kick back and stay someplace simple. Finding a good motel can be a bit of a challenge. With all the resorts and bed and breakfast type locations around, motels and hotels are few and far between it would seem. Of the ones that are around, some are not particularly nice. If you are planning on traveling to beautiful Smith Mountain Lake and you want to stay someplace close to the water, then finding a hotel is even tougher. Here are several options that would provide you with a good price, great location and solid service while you vacation at Smith Mountain Lake:

Here are three “National Chain” type hotels that are nearby along with phone numbers and websites. Some folks like to stay in well-established hotels and these three are solid choices if you want someplace clean and comfortable. If you want some extra information, just simply click the titles for direct access to their websites.



National Chain Smith Mountain Lake Hotels

Super 8
Phone: 540-587-0100
Website: http://www.super8.com/

Comfort Inn
Phone: 540-489-4000
Website: http://www.choicehotels.com/

Days Inn
Phone: 540-586-8286
Website: http://www.daysinn.com/


If you want something a little more specific to the surroundings, then the following Smith Mountain Lake Hotels and Inns will be fantastic choices. Each of them offers up something special to you and your family, so look closely at these before you go with the national chains mentioned above. In many cases the rates are similar. Despite this, you get so much more from these home base hotels. Here are several top notch options for you to choose from when you travel to Smith Mountain Lake:


Halesford Harbour

Halesford Harbour is a beautiful place to stay for a number of awesome reasons. Some of the best reasons are because of the fact that it is really a resort. It is owned by a group of folks that live locally and have a public interest in the well-being of the area. If you are considering coming to Smith Mountain Lake and you want to enjoy more than just a hotel swimming pool, then Halesford Harbour is for you. Guests often end up wanting to move to Smith Mountain Lake after seeing how they live on the lake.

The Harbour Inn is the only Bedford County motel that is on the waterfront and it is in it’s own little universe of the water. Nestled away in a little cove that provides stunning visuals from every room, The Harbour Inn offers up the best in hotel simplicity mixed with the love of resort and fun.

Each room gives you two large queen beds as well as a table and chairs. You also get a dresser and flat screen tv that gives DirectV service straight into the room. You can use the free Internet at your leisure. The amenities are many as you make a fresh pot of coffee (provided) while looking out across the water. Your temperature is perfectly controlled from right inside the room so you are never too hot or cold.

Harbour Inn is the perfect place to stay if you want a simple motel with a resort style lifestyle.

Address: 1336 Campers Paradise Trail Moneta, VA
Phone: 540-297-9000
Email: info@halesfordharbour.com
Website: http://www.halesfordharbour.com/

Lake Inn

If you love shopping, golf, games, historical landmarks, arcades, bumper boats or eating, then the beautiful Lake Inn is the place for you to set up shop. This grand motel has been around since 1996 and it is located right in the epicenter of the developing community of Smith Mountain Lake. Found  at Westlake Corner, The Lake Inn Motel is established right at the center of the burgeoning development of the area. You are located right in the middle of all the fun when you stay at Lake Inn!

If your kids are along for the vacation or visit, don’t worry about a thing. We have arcades and mini-golf, not to mention go-carts and other great fun located right nearby. This is not even counting the endless activities that can be enjoyed around Smith Mountain Lake.

Pets are allowed in most rooms, but they do charge extra for them so be aware of that.

Rooms provide you with two queen sized beds, but you can get larger ones if you need them. Internet and HBO is provided to you in the room, as well as other basic amenities such as table and chairs. Hair dryers, coffee pots and other items are available as well.

If you are coming to fish at Smith Mountain Lake, then the Lake Inn is perfect for you as well. Whether on vacation or business, the Lake Inn is sure to give you the comfortable stay that you require.

Address: 45 Enterprise Lane Hardy, Viginia
Phone: 540-721-3383
Email: lakeinn721@aol.com
Website: http://www.lakeinnmotel.com

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Westlake Waterfront Inn

Westlake Waterfront Inn is a great place to stay as well as long as you like water, fun and comfort. If those things are not important, then by all means go elsewhere! This great place has incredible lake front visuals, somewhere to launch and dock your boat or jetski and privacy when you want to have it all in one place.

Inside your room, you are provided with a number of outstanding extras like high speed Internet, cablevision, microwave, fridge and even coffee makers. You do have air conditioning in each room to stay nice and comfortable during the summer.

When you leave the Westlake Waterfront Inn, you will quickly notice that the surrounding area is hopping with excitement. Plenty of entertainment and fun can be found including a golf course only one mile away. There are tons of great restaurants within minutes of the Inn, so you can be sure to enjoy the best the lake has to offer.

Address: 2050 Morewood Road Hardy, VA
Phone: 540-721-3307
Email: webmaster@westlake-waterfront-inn.com
Website: http://www.westlake-waterfront-inn.com/

If you are planning on visiting Smith Mountain Lake and you want to stay in a hotel, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Most places are priced accordingly and while some are expensive, you get a great deal for your money. Just like with any resort or vacation destination, some will take advantage. The best thing you can do is check them out well before reserving a room.




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