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Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate - Smith Mountain Lake

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Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate

When it comes to easy living, few places on earth can outdo Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. The beauty that you are surrounded by is quite simply unlike any other location in the world. There are a few places on earth that simply can’t be compared to anyplace else, and Smith Mountain Lake is certainly on that short list. When you decide to move here, you need to find the right realtor to truly find what you are looking for. Not just any realtor will do for such a special place, however. You need a realtor that has some special qualities as well.

What Should Your Realtor Provide for You?

First, you need a realtor that is interested in finding your personal space in the area. Some realtors are interested in two things alone-selling a specific property that will line their pockets and getting rid of the properties that have been around the longest. You need a realtor that is interested in being patient while you find exactly what you want. You should never be shoved towards a property that does not fit into your world.

You deserve a realtor that is comfortable enough with their product and abilities that they do not bother with trying sales tactics and pressure. A place like Smith Mountain Lake pretty much sells itself, so you don’t have to work that hard to do it. Searching for the perfect home for your move here should be a process that fits like a glove. You should be able to take your time and not worry that you are being rushed.

In short, your Smith Mountain Lake Realtor should be working for you.

How do I go about finding a nice property at Smith Mountain Lake?

Remember that shopping for property is best done in person. Surfing the web and looking at properties is always going to be a very limited option. Internet webpages, pictures and descriptions can only give you a partial feel for a home or property. You simply have to see things in person to really get the picture of whether it fits for you or not. Plan a trip to look at properties every so often in the time leading up to your plans to move. By all means, keep looking at the websites and properties that come available, but do not try to do it exclusively during your search.

A good real estate company will also offer notification settings that will let you be notified via email whenever a new property is listed. These can be incredibly helpful in your search.

A good realtor should also remember that Smith Mountain Lake is a huge location. With literally hundreds of miles of potential living area along the shoreline alone, one should never be in a rush to purchase any particular home. There is far too much to see and take in first. Look around by yourself for a bit and make sure you are getting what you truly want. Properties are not cheap on Smith Mountain Lake, so knowing what you are wanting is very important. A great realtor should only enhance this.

A great realtor will understand your need to go home and reflect on what you have seen. If a realtor wants to sell you on a home after one or two visits, then chances are they are not the realtor for you. Patience is absolutely necessary on such a huge purchase.

Smith Mountain Lake Realtors

Buyers Agency of Smith Mountain Lake

This agency has all the things you would want in a realtor and that includes a fantastic web site. You can go to the website linked above and search through tons of listings for homes to get a good feel for what is available. Once you feel like you have some ideas about what you want, then contact Jim Singleton by phone and talk it over. It won’t be long and you will have some concrete data to look over in deciding the right home for you.
16525 Booker T. Washington Hwy,
Hardy, VA
Phone: 540-493-7253
Contact: Jim Singleton
Website: http://www.smithmountain-lakehomes.com

Prudential Waterfront Properties

Prudential is a known entity in the world of anything financial and they are highly trusted. Prudential Waterfront Properties blends big time realty with small town service. If you are interested in real estate in the Smith Mountain Lake area, this is a great place to start your search as well.
13247 Booker T. Washington Highway
Hardy, VA
Phone: 1-800-858-4653
Website: http://www.smithmtnlake.com/

Smith Mountain Lake Realty

Dave Gresham has been around for a very long time and he knows what he is doing. If you want a realtor that can walk you through every single step without rushing and with attention to detail, then Smith Mountain Lake Realty is a wonderful place to get started.
16700 Moneta Road
Moneta, VA
Phone: 540-721-5050
Contact: Dave Gresham
Website: http://www.smithmountainlakerealty.com/

Lake Retreat Properties

If you like a nice, smaller realty company that is willing to go that extra mile, Lake Retreat Properties has a wonderful reputation. From their storied past at Smith Mountain Lake you can almost feel the passion for what they do when you visit their website. Go see what you might be missing and you might just give Jeannette a call.
6760 White House Road
Huddleston, VA
Contact: Jeanette M. Childress
Website: http://lakeretreat.com/

Smith Mountain Lake Properties

If you are looking into the higher end properties, you certainly would want to look at Smith Mountain Lake Properties before moving on to anyone else. This is considered by many to be the most unique property realty company around. They specialize in properties that stand out above the others and have worldwide connections to build the perfect connections. If you want something different, this is a great place to get started.
Po Box 50
Huddleston, VA
Phone: 1-540-797-0477
Contact: Leslie Becker
Website: http://www.smithmountainlakeproperties.org/

Lake Team Realty

A great and open line of communication is only one of the reasons why Lake Team Realty is a good place to find a home. Smith Mountain Lake is loaded with plenty of places to sell you homes, but not many are going to truly care about your wants and needs. This company seems to really take your needs to heart and work towards trying to find the perfect home for you. Give them a call and see what you might find.
13860 Booker T. Washington Hwy.
Suite 100
Moneta, VA
Phone: 1-540-588-8958
Contact: Kathryn Curling
Website: http://smlproperties.com/

Smith Mountain Homes

This superior real estate group of professionals has a fantastic focus on customer service and attention to detail. Both of these things are highly important when you are dealing with high end properties. They focus on a hassle free transaction and process from start to finish, and they exceed most people’s expectations. If you are looking to get the best of the best, then Paul is a great person to get in touch with. He will put your mind at ease according to a great many reviews online.
16503 Booker T. Washington Hwy.
Moneta, VA
Contact: Paul Moore
Website: http://www.smithmountainhomes.com/

Jane at the Lake

With 25 years of experience, it is hard to imagine that anyone could do a better job than Jane Sullivan Horne. She not only sells homes at Smith Mountain Lake, however, she also lives there herself. When someone is putting their money where their mouth is like that, it tends to help build trust between buyer and seller. She has won numerous awards in helping people to find that perfect Smith Mountain Lake property, and she can help you with your property as well.
2740 Water’s Edge Drive
Penhook, VA 24137
Contact: Jane Sullivan Horne
Website: http://www.janeatthelake.com/

These are only a handful of realtors that can be found throughout the Smith Mountain Lake area. They are some of the better known and respected ones, so you can feel a level of comfort in dealing with any one of them. The beauty of Smith Mountain Lake is so appealing that it is easy to get distracted by the bells and whistles. Sometimes folks run into shady realtors that use those bells and whistles to distract a potential buyer from core problems with a home that might not be readily evident.

For example, I am reminded of a story I read about a Smith Mountain Lake home buyer that went with a bargain basement realty company and purchased a home on the waterfront. The home was gorgeous and it had all the things you might want. The problem was, the realty company focused on the beauty aspects and neglected to mention that the pipes and the fireplaces were faulty. Many thousands of dollars later, the home buyer was not very happy to say the least. The lesson here is that you should only put a minimum amount of focus on the bells. Focus on everything.

A great realtor is the best way to insure that.




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